Wendy Staton

WENDY STATON (EMC) 215-939-0101 wendy.staton@gmail.com Age Range: 35-45 Hair & Eyes: Dk Brown

American Diabetes Assoc. “NOT THAT HARD” - MOM; Director: Rich Lamplugh Big Picture Prod. - National TV Ad
American Diabetes Assoc. “CONTROL” - MOM; Director: Rich Lamplugh Big Picture Prod. - National TV Ad
WPVI-TV ABC-Channel 6, - “BECAUSE….” Commercial - MOTHER & CAFÉ PODCAST UNSER, Director: Tim Fenstermacher, Phila., PA
Mediq Research/Education Nursing Home Training Film CELIA THE CNA, Director: Tim Williams, Alchemedia, Inc.
EU DATA film - EMPLOYEE, Dir: Pete Safran, Midi Compl. & Ethics Solutions MERRILL LYNCH film-ANNE BYARD, Dir: Pete Safran, Midi Bristol-Myers Squibb Industrial - SCHIZOPHRENIC PATIENT Nursing Video for Drexel Univ.-NURSE DOROTHY, Director: Dave Culver

THE MISER (March 2010) Elise Lansdale Theater Works, PA Dir. Dan Student
ROMEO & JULIET (April 2010) Nurse (understudy) The Arden Theatre, Dir. Matt Pheiffer
CAMERA BLANCA Lion Tamer Philly Fringe Fest., Dir. Becky Wright
HERMITAGE Ms. Miriam & Helen the Reporter Philly Fringe Fest., Dir. Fred Andersen
COMEDY OF ERRORS Emilia & Officer Shakespeare in Clark Park, Dir. Alex Torra
SHE WENT TO WAR One Woman Show in America I Am exhibit National Constitution Center, Dir. Allison Heishman
IN ARABIA WE’D ALL BE KINGS Ms. Reyes (NY Dominican Accent) L2, Dir. Carol Laratonda
NEW VOICES FESTIVAL Principal, Alzhiemer’s Patient, F.A.T. Girl Interact Theater Co/Philly Young Playwrights Prodtn
SOLITARY (PTW Playshop) Gloria & Pregnant Woman Phila. Theatre Wksp, Dir. Jane Stojak
GEE’S BEND Sadie (understudy) The Arden Theatre, Dir. Eleanor Holdridge
Jérôme Bel’s “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” Performer/Dancer Kimmel Center, Philly Live Arts Fest. 2008
ROMEO & JULIET Nurse Delaware Shakespeare Festival, Dir. Molly Cahill
OUR TOWN Townsperson (& Mrs. Gibbs understudy) The Arden Theatre, Dir. Terry Nolen
1 HENRY VI Bedford, Mortimer & Basset Sycamore Productions, Claymont, DE
SLEEPING BEAUTY Branwen (understudy) The Arden Theatre, Dir. Whit MacLaughlin
ROMEO AND JULIET Nurse Shakespeare in Clark Park, Dir. Tom Reing
LOVE UNPUNISHED Performer Pig Iron Theatre Co., Dir. Dan Rothenberg
UNMENTIONABLES staged reading Auntie Mimi Wilma Theatre, Dir. Joe Canuso
POSTCOITAL VARIATIONS Helen Phila. Theatre Wksp, Dir. Bill Felty
VAGINA MONOLOGUES Angry; Coochi Snorcher; Crooked Braid Tweeter Ctr, Camden, NJ
5 WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS Georgeanne Allens Lane Theatre, Dir. Jane Glodak
ANTON IN SHOW BUSINESS T-Anne, Andywyneth Wyoré, Don Blount Allens Lane Theatre, Dir. Jane Glodak
BEAUTIFUL THING Leah (British accent) Allens Lane Theatre, Dir. Travis Whitaker
THE COLORED MUSEUM Normal Jean, Medea & Janine Columbia Black Theater Ensemble, NYC

THE WIRE Real Estate Developer HBO, Series Finale directed by Clark Johnson
HELL Ricki independent directed by Joi Foley
COVER Museum Fundraiser feature directed by Bill Duke
PANTS? SKIRT? LIPSTICK? Angie independent film by Shelley Barry
JIHAAD Train Station passenger Dharma Productions filmed Phila., PA
COLD CASE Lawyer & Pedestrian Season 1 of CBS television series
HACK Diner Patron, Medical Intern & Patient episodes 5, 13, 25 & 26 of CBS series
INCLINATIONS Adventurous Wife independent directed by Jen Simmons
UNBREAKABLE Family Member in hospital feature directed by M. Night Shymalan
DIARY OF A CITY PRIEST Neighbor feature directed by Eugene Martin
A LITTLE FIERCE Mack Diva & asst producer short directed by Nikki Harmon
A SHEPHARD’S STORY Church Member short directed by Fred Thomas

TRAINING: Adv Acting for Film w/MIKE LEMON Mike Lemon Casting; Acting Lab for Advanced Actors-IRENE BAIRD, Phila., PA; Acting II -AARON FRANKEL/ Columbia Univ. NYC Scene Acting II-TINA SATTIN, NY, NY; Seth Rozin & Ellen Tobey/Walnut St., Phila., PA; Bill Felty/Wilma, Phila., PA; Wesley Montgomery/ Freedom Theatre, Phila., PA

SKILLS: Louis Armstrong impression; trial attorney; trumpet; piano; swimming; rowing; tennis; squash; football; softball; cat owner; storyteller & hand puppeteer; Languages: English, French, some Spanish; Dialects: Caribbean, British, French, Spanish, Southern USA, Urban USA, NYC, East Indian EDUCATION: Columbia Univ. School of Law, NYC, Juris Doctor & Columbia College of Columbia Univ. NYC, Bachelor of Arts